RaveraBio Biological Farming
Organic Aromatic Plants

The varieties

Aromatic herbs find their optimum habitat in Liguria.
Aromatic herbs are defined as such, owing to the pleasant aromas exude thanks to the presence of essential oils which stimulate the senses. Besides pleasing the senses they contain active principles, vitamins and minerals useful to the digestion and the metabolism.
Aromatic herbs have many medicinal properties: they are anti-fermentative, anti-inflammatory, they limit bacterial proliferation and they tone the internal organs.
Throughout the centuries much of the culinary tradition tied to aromatic herbs has been lost, due the introduction of salt and spices. For this reason, RaveraBio Biological Farming Business has chosen to center its production on the less known varieties as well, favoring a global attention with regards to the versatility and benefits deriving from the use of the same.
All the RaveraBio varieties are certified
BioAgriCert BioAgriCert Bio Suisse AB-Biologiques
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