RaveraBio Biological Farming
Organic Aromatic Plants

RaveraBio: aromatic in keeping with tradition, Organic in keeping with a life choice.

The RaveraBio Biological Farming Business is the result of an extensive experience, handed down through the generations, in the cultivation of horticultural and greenhouse products.
In 2000 it decided to specialize exclusively in the production of aromatic herbs, for which it employs organic farming methods and eco sustainable practices, thus obtaining the most prestigious international certifications.
Attentiveness to the health of the consumer and respect for the environment has lead the business to undertake a process of constant research and improvement of its farming methods by excluding the use of pesticides and toxic chemicals and favoring certified organic farming products, beginning with the seeds and the mold.
The watchword: eco-friendly. Each packaging respects the cultivation's "authenticity", inasmuch as only 100% recycled, recyclable and biodegradable materials are used.
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Punto Campagna Amica The RaveraBio Biological Farming Business subscribes to Campagna Amica project, an Italian agricultural industry which, in keeping with transparency and improvement in the quality of life, aims to create a direct relationship between the producer and the consumer … because "organic" is a life choice.
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