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Bio Agri Cert
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The RaveraBio Biological Farming Business may boast numerous international organic quality certifications. Being certified as organic producers requires constant attention to the production parameters and strict periodical controls on the cultivation methods and the quality and characteristics of the products by the authorized bodies. All the certifications are non-permanent in nature in order to maintain a high qualitative level.
They are released for limited periods and their renewal is subordinate to punctual controls of the qualitative levels of the producing company.

BioAgroCert is the autonomasy of European organic certification. The certification does not pertain to the production as a whole, rather it requires the monitoring of each single culture.
The BioAgroCert certification enables RaveraBio Biological Farming Business's products to reach all the official organic market channels in Europe and worldwide.

Bio Suisse is a certification with semestral validity released by the Swiss Association of organic farming organizations. Bio Suisse is a NGO which represents the interests of Swiss producers and of the "bud" licensees. Bio Suisse has developed specifics directives for organic products commercialized in the Swiss market and has registered the "Bio Suisse" brand which distinguishes its products. The certification is necessary in order to access the otherwise prohibited Swiss market.

The AB brand (Agriculture Biologique) is property of the French Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Fishing and Rural Affairs. The brand may be requested by the French market in order to distinguish organic farming products inasmuch as, according to a research conducted by the INRA/Gret/Agence Bio (2003), 65% of French consumers recognize organic product due to the presence of this logo on the packaging.
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